Ericka Pittman

Ericka Pittman

Ericka Pittman is a Workplace and Self Leadership strategic consultant, as well as the award-winning author of “What Mommy Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to the Next Phase of Life.” With over two decades of experience as an executive change agent, she has spearheaded teams and strategies for some of today’s most culturally provocative brands. Ericka is known for her cross-category expertise and is a frequent thought leader and contributor across various industries and subjects.

She has graced the stages, pages, and screens of prominent events and media outlets, including the Forbes CMO Summit, Cheddar TV, and the ADWEEK Conference. Ericka is sought after as a speaker at Fortune 500 companies and top leading organizations such as Live Nation, Google, Time Inc., and AdWeek. In 2020, she was named an Ad Age Woman to Watch and is a regular podcast contributor across lifestyle and business genres.

Ericka’s speaking topics encompass Self-Leadership, Intrapreneurship, Multi-generational Workforce Culture, Change Management, Women’s Advancement, and Brand Building.

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What Mommy Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to the Next Phase of Life

It is tough balancing being a woman and a lady. It is even tougher being both domestically and professionally powerful. As society continues to accept women as equal power brokers, the rules of how to define, manage, and sustain it are ever-changing.

It seems that success for women is often defined by an imaginary checklist: learn proper etiquette, get good grades in formative school, achieve higher education, and land a good job and/or a “good man.” AND THEN WHAT? WHAT’S NEXT? When the “rulebooks” go away, women are often left to “figure it out” on their own. They must learn to laugh at and redefine what it means to be powerful.

For the past 18 years, I have been in a virtual fog about what to do next, who to be next, how to behave in the next situation. While there are numerous examples of phenomenal women who have achieved unprecedented success in business, and even greater success in work/life balance, there are limited platforms for women embarking on their “next phase” of life. Throughout the elevation of my career, I found myself relying on my own personal intuition and interpretation of what I saw the boys doing. With fingers crossed, I’d add a “plus up” feminine twist and hope for the best. Oftentimes, I stubbed my toes, acquired a few bumps and bruises and even made a complete fool of myself — but through these experiences I learned what works and what doesn’t.

If this memoir arms one woman with the courage and know-how for what’s next in her life, then my bruises and scars were well worth it. We as women need guidance, (and quite frankly: license) to think beyond what conventional teaching has taught us. We need the green light to GO in the boys’ world, while still being able to kick our feet up with our female counterparts and coexist in both spaces authentically.

What Mommy Never Told You provides alternative options in order to create success on your terms once the guidance, direction, and checklists of society expire. This book is meant to be an exploration of a woman’s journey beyond the general rules and guidelines of adolescence, opening up a broader lens to the possibilities of the next stage in life. To the woman who is looking for the next thing in her life… yearning for the courage to get it done, I say… the time is N.O.W. (No Other Way).

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