Lisa Bonner

Lisa Bonner, Esq., is an esteemed lawyer, author, and avid traveler with an impressive legal career that began after her graduation from New York University School of Law. Transitioning from litigation to a focus on entertainment and media law, Lisa has become a respected veteran in the field. She offers counsel to a range of clients including large media companies, Grammy Award-winning recording artists, music publishers, and independent creatives. Her expertise covers editorial, print, digital, television, book publishing, music financing, production, and distribution for prestigious entities such as Vibe Magazine, Spin Magazine, Codeblack Pictures, and several major media companies like NBCUniversal, Bravo, Warner Media, Nickelodeon, BET, Endeavor Corporate, and Endeavor Content.

Lisa’s impact extends into film production, with her work as an independent film producer on titles like the NAACP Award-nominated “Little Ballers” and “Foreman”, the official documentary of former Heavyweight Champion George Foreman. These productions, along with others, are available across various streaming platforms. As a travel writer, she started chronicling her journeys in 2010, contributing to renowned publications and highlighting beautiful destinations with a socially conscious lens.

In 2022, she published “The LegaliTEAs of Entrepreneurship”, sharing her legal expertise and practical advice for aspiring business owners. Her multifaceted career also includes a successful law practice and a popular podcast, “The LegaliTea”.

Lisa Bonner is a speaker at various legal and entertainment forums, providing her insights and experience on current legal topics. She’s a legal contributor on television programs and covers legal editorial for news outlets. As an alumna of Howard University and NYU, she holds a J.D. and has been admitted to the Bar in both California and New York.

Her professional memberships include roles in the American Bar Association, Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, and the International Women’s Forum, among others. Lisa Bonner continues to be a guiding light in the entertainment law sector, helping shape the legal landscape for the creative industries​

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"Do not settle – Going against the status quo makes people around you uncomfortable. While people want to compliment your confidence, most of them seem to pass silent judgments about it."

- Bevy Smith

The LegaliTEAS of Entrepreneurship: The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence and Balance in Starting Your Own Business

The LegaliTEAs of Entrepreneurship: The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence and Balance in Starting Your Own Business, by Lisa Bonner,  is a must-have “how to” guide that gives you the tea on starting and maintaining your own business from a legal perspective, dispensed with a side of practical, firsthand advice that every entrepreneur needs. Whether you are looking to embark on entrepreneurship, or you are an established business owner, Lisa Bonner has the answers to the questions that concern every entrepreneur in this easy to read, informative small-business primer. Pulling from her multifaceted career as a veteran attorney, journalist, media producer, travel enthusiast and travel writer-and having operated a successful law practice for over two decades-Lisa draws from her personal and professional life in dispensing legal advice on how to start and maintain a business properly from the ground up, and spilling the tea on how to stay sane in the process.

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