Michel Smith Boyd

Michel Smith Boyd is not just a designer; he is a connoisseur of luxury and a maestro of accessible opulence. Hailing from the southern charm of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Michel has carved a unique niche in the design world as the host of HGTV’s “Luxe For Less.” With a deft touch and innovative budget-friendly strategies, he transforms ordinary Atlanta homes into bastions of luxury, proving that elegance need not be exorbitant.

At the core of Michel’s philosophy is a belief that everyone deserves a touch of grandeur in their lives. His ability to weave upscale design with approachable elements has made him a beloved figure among homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. With his team, Michel creates enchanting spaces that are as financially attainable as they are visually stunning.

Before dazzling the world with his interior transformations, Michel was immersed in the worlds of arts and fashion, drawing inspiration from the fluidity of fabrics and the boldness of art. His passion for aesthetics led him to The Art Institute of Atlanta, where the foundations of his design expertise were solidified. Michel’s natural talent and academic prowess allowed him to seamlessly transition to taking on clients, and in 2006, he established SMITHBOYD Interiors, a firm that soon became synonymous with refined taste and inventive design solutions.

Further showcasing his versatility and competitive spirit, Michel joins the fray in Season 4 of HGTV’s “Rock the Block,” alongside the talented Anthony Elle. Together, they face the thrilling challenge of out-designing fellow experts in a bid to craft the most appealing home on the block.

Michel Smith Boyd isn’t just transforming spaces—he’s reshaping the way we think about interior design, making ‘luxury for all’ a reality, one room at a time.

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“Interior design is how we use space to tell stories with things we want to experience over and over again…with the people we love.”

- Michel Smith Boyd

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