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Celebrating Excellence: A Shoutout to Cultural Conferences

As the 2024 calendar flips and anticipation mounts, I find myself eagerly counting down the days until this year’s cultural conferences kick off. From the electric vibes of Afro Punk to the insightful panels at AdColor, these gatherings are not just events; they’re dynamic celebrations of excellence, culture, and community.

Shoutout to the creators and organizers!


Shoutout to the creators and organizers behind Culture Con, AdColor, Respect the Process, Afro Punk, Color Comm, Afro Tech, ABFF, Invest Fest, BlackStage, Curl Fest, Essence Fest, and many others. Their dedication and vision have given rise to platforms that inspire, empower, and connect individuals from diverse backgrounds; provide invaluable resources, insights, and networking opportunities, setting the stage for greatness to unfold.

As I eagerly await this year’s lineup, I can’t help but wonder: Who’s HOT now, and Who has NEXT? The anticipation is palpable, and I’m excited to see the incredible talent and innovation that will grace the stages of these transformative events.

So, here’s to the creators, the innovators, the dreamers, the trailblazers, and the thrilling journey that lies ahead.

If you’re still booking talent, HOLLA! BHX Management got you! 😊


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