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Celebrating Earth Day with MIMIK Beauty

As we celebrate Earth Day, a day dedicated to environmental protection and raising awareness about the importance of sustainability, BHX is excited to spotlight one of our talented clients, Mimi Kamara. In honor of this special day, we invited the celebrity makeup artist and founder of MIMIK Beauty, to share her insights on beauty, sustainability, and her line of eco-friendly cosmetics.

Meet Mimi Kamara

Mimi Kamara is more than just a makeup artist—she’s a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for promoting natural beauty. As the founder of MIMIK Beauty, Mimi has made it her mission to create cosmetics that not only enhance a woman’s features but also celebrate the beauty of the earth. With a commitment to vegan and cruelty-free products, MIMIK Beauty is redefining beauty standards while prioritizing sustainability.


MIMIK Beauty’s Earth Day Message

“In a world designed to worry about the present, MIMIK Beauty is a multi-dimensional nude that acknowledges all dimensions of a woman’s beauty. Including the earth. As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, we want women to not only look amazing but also feel confident about their contribution to what contributes to them—the earth!

Each shade has an element of the earth:

Favor: hints of mauve and lilac

Glory: a rose gold taking hints of African golds and the Bagatelle Rose garden of France

Mercy: hints of patina, Strength—the perfect sunset, rays of coral from the sun

Strategy: the cocoa plants of Eastern Africa, Grace—hints of the morning’s dew!

Encouraging women to mimic their beauty, while other people, places, and things influence us to be like anyone but ourselves! We use and encourage the recycling of our products, in an effort to support environmental protection.

Contributing to the earth is our idea of the perfect nude!”


As we reflect on the beauty of our planet and the importance of sustainability, we invite you to join us in embracing natural beauty with MIMIK Beauty. Shop her collection of eco-friendly cosmetics at and follow her on Instagram at to stay updated on her latest products and initiatives.

Together, let’s celebrate Earth Day every day by making conscious choices that benefit both ourselves and the planet we call home.



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